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Benefits of using an anonymous web proxy server

Online Privacy

The proxy server is formatted to increase your privacy by not disclosing the public IP address issued by your service provide.

Anonymous Surfing

It makes it difficult for anyone to track your location and see what you are doing online, that means Anonymous Browsing Online.

Unblock Content

It can also help you avoid contents blocks placed by some sites on IP addresses for specific countries to connect anywhere.

Easy To Use

Wbe based proxy sites are tun on the browser, which No additional software needed install on your PC or mobile device.

What is an Anonymous Proxy Server?

The Anonymous proxy server is a server that works through a web form and allows your entire internet request to be filtered and make your identity unknown. Setting up an anonymous proxy server is not as difficult as most people think, you only need to browse the internet using the proxy website homepage

The Anonymous proxy server is a server that works through a web form and allows your entire internet request to be filtered and make your identity unknown. Setting up an anonymous proxy server is not as difficult as most people think, you only need to browse the internet using the proxy website homepage.

The advent of the internet in the modern time offers unlimited opportunities to its users and has also broadened our horizon. Regardless of your sex, age, nationality, and occupation, you can access the internet from wherever you find yourself.

However, this progress offered by the internet world is not without it owns dangers. There has been an alarming rate of website hacking, identity theft, and other issues to look out for when searching the net. However, one way of addressing this problem is the use of anonymous web surfing which can be easily achieved using a proxy server to change your IP address; you can also use a Free VPN to encrypt your internet traffic and remain anonymous.

Top 10 Best Proxy Sites

When trying to get a proxy server, you must look for a reputable one with a brand name that performs at high speed because web browsing servers through anonymous proxies do not run fast as the regular browsing server due to the additional translation involved.

You must also avoid some servers which have been known to snoop on your activities and track your movement. Here are the List of 10 best anonymous proxy servers to choose from.


KproxyEstablished in 2005, Kproxy is the best anonymous proxy server to use for all types of works because it encrypts your connection to be seen as a regular HTTP connection and also makes it impossible for anyone to steal your data. Kproxy is now been used today by more than 1,500,000 people on monthly basis to protect their privacy and identity online.

The server allows you to anonymously browse the web, change your IP and country address, visit censored sites and give no room for unsolicited advertisement. Using Kproxy serve does not require any registration or credit card, you only need to download and surf the net.


proxy siteProxy site is hosted on a gigabit network, which guarantees a safe and sound connection to other servers. The site allows you access information from the internet without revealing your location.

Another benefit of using the server is that it can be used anywhere, at home, office, school to access all sites. You can also customize your experience by choosing whether or not you want to encrypt the URL and allow cookies.


whoer proxyThe Whoer.net web proxy is short, simple, quick and free proxy server that offers proxy servers in just six countries. It gives you the opportunity to change your IP address, gain anonymity, carry out a speed test and unblock sites.

Whoer.net web proxy also gives website administrators the opportunity to carry out a ping to test which is aimed at finding out a server response time.


hideme proxy Hide.me is an extremely fast free proxy that offers great user experience as it doesn’t give you those annoying ads and pop-up windows. It is perfect for for free anonymous browsing.

To make use of it, you start by entering the URL address and choose the proxy location you want. Your options are Netherlands, Germany, and the US. Hide.me also allows you enable or disable cookies, encryption, and scripts.


toolur proxy Toolur free web proxy allows you to access any website with an undisclosed identity. It also lets you unblock favorite sites like YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter.

Toolur is hosted on four different proxy servers in 4 countries that include USA, France, Germany, Netherlands and a user is allowed to switch between them with a click.


hidester proxy Hidester is an anonymous web proxy that acts as a broker between your server and that which you want to access.  With the help of its SSL proxy support, it is able to completely protect you from malicious contents online which could have harmed your device.

Hidester is super-fast, safe, simple and as well free. It has no information about you or your location and leaves no trace about you.  This web proxy is considered by many users as the most reliable open web proxy one can ever use.


nordvpn proxyNordVPN is a trusted online virtual private network that has an excellent collection of features. The VPN is used by over hundreds of thousands of Internet users worldwide to secure their networks.

Nord VPN secures your network and encrypts the traffic of all your applications used on an Internet connection. People who use software like Skype, Avast Free Antivirus, KMPlayer, FileZilla benefit more from using this free VPN server which ensures that every single data packet is encrypted.

#8: STUPID PROXYstupid proxy

Founded by John C. McHenry, Web.StupidProxy.com is a smart and intelligent free web-based proxy that allows you remain anonymous while using the internet.

It allows you unblock favorite sites like Youtube, Gmail, FaceBook or Twitter. The proxy is widely used for Social Media Marketing and SEO optimization.

#9: CyberghostVPN Proxy

cyberghostvpn proxy CyberghostVPN proxy is another trusted free web proxy that could give you a complete privacy while surfing the web. It offers an SSL-Encrypted free web proxy to users which keep them completely free of any threat online. With CyberghostVPN, you will be able to easily unlock sites such as Facbook, youtube and other sites while you still keep anonymity.

Bypassing government censorship becomes possible and easy with the 256-bit SSL-encrypted traffic it offers. The web proxy is absolutely web browser based, so it eliminates the need for any additional software to use.

#10: VPNBook PROXY

vpnbook proxyThis is a free web proxy server that allows you surf the web anonymously and securely with SSL-encryption. This free we proxy server offers users tons of benefits, some of which include

  • Allows you unblock sites like Facebook and YouTube amongst many others
  • Offers a 256-bit SSL-encrypted traffic that allows you to bypass government censorship
  • It completely help hide your IP address  and thus protects you from hackers online
  • It gives you room to choose from multiple proxy server locations

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Final Note:

There is obviously no end to staying anonymous online. It completely keeps you safe and prevents you from being trailed by the wrong guys.

These and many more are just perfect ways to stay anonymous online, like use other Dedicated Proxy Service or VPN service, also other anonymous tools such as Tor, luminati and so on.

And you may simultaneously use 2 or 3 at one time, which will give you 200% probability on anonymity.Take advantage of them Now!